Base coverage is perfect for those wanting professional documentation of the day at an affordable price point. 

$2450 Includes:
• 4 Hours of coverage
• 1 Filmmaker (multiple cameras)
• A chronological edit of the day,
no music montages. 
• Your full ceremony, all toasts & formalities.

Films delivered in a private online,
on-demand gallery. 
Stream via the Mediazilla App on
Apple, Amazon, & Android TV!

Base coverage


All Base Coverage +
5-10 Minute Highlight Film

$3600 Includes:
• 4 Hours of coverage
• Everything from Base Coverage
• Music licensing
• Aerial "drone" video included if weather and FAA regulations allow. Not guaranteed.
• A hand crafted highlight film with music and audio thoughtfully utilized throughout.
• Feature Film posted to Vimeo and IGTV for social sharing if you wish.

ADDITIONAL HOURS for either option:

Only available 3 months out or less.

Only available 6 months out or less.

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